Monday, October 3, 2011

Bad Religion - The Dissent of Man [B - Mainstream/Punk] (Guest review by Joey Schultz!)

Hello, I'm Joseph Michael Schultz and I'll be reviewing "The Dissent of Man" by Bad Religion!

I'm not a musician and I don't know anything about music, but I like the album.  Look, I even drew you a picture:

You, and you know who you are.  Now ain't that a beaut?

Really, I actually did like the album quite a lot.  Perhaps not as much as I liked "New Maps of Hell", but I still thought it was a really good record.  And for a contrast there I can show you how I felt about both albums...

This is,  uh... how I felt about "New Maps of Hell" (Not Dark Ages!):

And this is how I felt about "Dissent of Man":

I feel like that explains everything crystal clear.  There's no confusion there whatsoever.  Uh, I did like one more than the other [New Maps of Hell], but I still feel that both were really good.  They still held that kinda same feel to them, they're all really well-produced now.  The sound is really good and the tracks are actually longer than 2 minutes now...  Which is cool, as opposed to having like 17 songs on an album that's 16 minutes long, but that's a little mean so I'm not gonna do [say] that.

I think my favorite track on the whole album is "Wrong Way Kids", that's.... that's really good.  I probably can't exactly tell you why it's my favorite because I'm not a musician, I just think it sounded good.  Isn't that fair enough?  As a whole  I feel that it met my expectations well, especially since I didn't have it until 3 months after it came out because my computer was absolutely full and I couldn't put anymore music on it whatsoever.
So everybody was just telling me, "Yeah, the album was really good, you should definitely listen to it"  So as a whole I'd say it was really good.  It wasn't as good as my favorite, but if everything was as good as our favorites there wouldn't really be favorites... and the world would be boring.

I give this album 4/5

Hope you enjoy it yourself!...

here's the review video:

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