Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cee Lo Green - The Lady Killer [C - Mainstream]

My Name is... Not important...

Cee Lo Green is pumping some genuine soul back into the airwaves.  With a very amusing introduction we jump right into one of the best pop albums to kick off this decade.  Sounding like a mix of Michael Jackson, Prince and some Robbie Williams-esque strings...  The first actual song on the record is a solid pop number....

When we arrive at track #3 we're presented with the smash hit "FUCK YOU!", a great song.  Fairly offensive... But I feel it is very appropriate to our time and this generation.  Hey, they're just words!  Chill...  The next songs are smooth as butter, the performances are excellent and the lyrics never fall flat.
I really appreciate the generation jumps this record takes stylistically...  some things have that 1950's/60's R&B/Blues roots vibe mixed up with some hip hop beats.  A lot of the horn work and backup vocals resemble Motown/STAX favorites.  The guest vocals by Lauren Bennett and Phillip Bailey are equally impressive.

The "Lady Killer Theme (Outro)" caught me by surprise, since I didn't look at the track listing previously I wasn't prepared for what this song held...  The drumbeat came in and I thought this was going to be like an OutKast song like "BOB"  oh and just like  that the song was over?!...  Very short and no lyrics I was honestly hoping Big Boi would drop in and give us a big rap session or story/rant about society...  But nay, I was left with just that... a very upbeat instrumental.
There was a bit of a James Bond/Spy movie kind of feeling throughout the record and Joseph pointed out to me.  It is a very cool record.

Overall I would give this a very strong 4/5.  It is an excellent album.

Favorite tracks?  "Fuck You", "Bright Lights" and "It's OK"

Cee Lo has solidified himself as a pop-star,  I really enjoyed his appearance recently on American Dad the other day even though the episode was ridiculously silly and come on...  He was a freakin Hot Tub.  I'm expecting more great things in the future from mr. Thomas Callaway aka Cee Lo.

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