Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cerebral Ballzy - Self Titled LP [C - Underground]

Tonight I'm reviewing Cerebral Ballzy's Self Titled LP

It's available on Williams Street records (owned by Cartoon Network's [adult swim])

This brash hardcore punk act from Brooklyn, NY gets on the ball right away.  They never really drift away from the rapid fire, almost sex pistols-esque vocal delivery.  The first song is one of the slower numbers... oh wait never mind...  They don't exactly ever slow down!  Lot's of power chord shredding and anger-filled lyrics are thrown in your face from start to finish.

"Don't Tell Me What to Do" is probably the most stand out track on this album.  It's a number than tells the tale of any daily punker's life... "Don't tell me what to do!  Not at all!  Not at all!  Don't tell me what to do!  Standing tall!  I'm standing tall!"... aside from that anthemic song there's "Junky For Her" which comes in second for my favorite song from the album.  That song thrashes hard.  If you go to this youtube page there are videos for a few of their songs...

The rest of the album is full of thrashing and pissed off vocals.  I still can't believe by looking at this guy that this voice is coming out of him.  I honestly pictured a white teenager from the UK with a red mohawk with his tone and inflection.  This album overall is a good hardcore punk album.  It's great if you're a hardcore punx...  The riffs are fun and the album goes by quick enough that it'll keep the attention of any punk fan aged 13-23.

Hey, if this is your thing then it's perfect... but for me?  It's fun energetic but overall I'd give it about a generous 3/5.  It's definitely good for a few listens as a casual punk enthusiast.  The record really makes me want to grab a skateboard, some graffiti and grind up the city.

Stay in school, kids.

here's the review video (Done in a parking lot.)

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