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Bomb The Music Industry! - Vacation [B - Bonus?]

 I wrote this review about a month ago but I'm gonna go ahead and post it here now!  I need to move on to C .  I've been on B for over 2 weeks now!  Damn.


Sorry, ladies and gentleman, I have no money and I am a pirate...  So I have listened to the new Bomb The Music Industry record tonight (The record comes out for real tuesday 7/26)  Save myself here, I think after further listens I'll enjoy this record a lot more but to be brutally honest i actually think that this is one of my least favorite BTMI records to date..  its very different but not in a bad way but I think this isn't the kind of record I would be able to put on regularly unless I'm going for a long drive or something...  All of the songs are well written, there are some weird rhythm choices and a few hard to follow sections of songs and a major drawback is I can't hear the vocals on half the songs so maybe I'll rate it higher after a few more listens.. (lyric sheet will be nice)  I will listen to it again probably on 26th while reading lyrics.  

  "Hurricane Waves" is my favorite song without a doubt "There's only so many days you can spend waiting for the turn.  You're gonna get bored.  There's only so many days you can spending waiting until you don't love anything anymore." those lines hit close with me and something we can all identify with, but we all have little funks at some point in our lives so "You get yourself a bottle and say 'I don't do anything anymore.'  You get yourself a bottle and say "I don't love anything anymore."...  I can wait til tomorrow.  "The Shit You Hate" is 2nd for me (There are parts where I swore I was listening to a totally different band "Vocal Coach" I would put at a solid 3rd tied with "Felt Just Like Vacation" (top notch closer!) and then everything else falls short as of now.  The really short songs are excellent musically.  

  I do think this record is for more people and will attract a wider/more mature audience than previously so that is wonderful for them.  I do believe this is a record that is meant to be listened to from start to end every listen, never skip to a specific song or single out a track to put in a mix.  Also note, the production level overall on this record stands high above previous Bomb records aside some low-mixed vocals on occasion.

After first listen:
75/100 -good

After second listen while reading lyrics/etc:
87/100 - great!

(Adjusted to 4/5 for I Hate Music Scoring System :P )

 How I would compare it to other BTMI records -
1. Get Warmer 99.9/100
2. Adults! 95/100
3. Scrambles 90/100
4. Goodbye Cool World 90/100
5. Vacation 87/100
6. Album Minus Band 85/100
7. Punknews Split 80/100
8. To Leave or Die 77.5/100

Bomb The Music Industry's "Vacation" came out Tuesday July 26th you can download it from their website or Quote Unquote Record's, why don't you paypal those fellas a buck or two and enjoy this sweet record, it is their finest record production wise yet...  Obviously quite a bit of time and intense effort was spent in creation.  They are on tour at the moment, they WILL be stopping by Cincinnati August 28th @ Baba Budan's in Clifton.  Go see them while you can!  No matter where you are...  Hopefully you didn't miss them :o

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