Friday, August 19, 2011

Justin Bieber - My World 2.0 [B - Mainstream]


I don't really care how Justin Bieber became famous...  I really just want to say a few things.
I can understand why a lot of people just kind of blindly hate on him, he is surrounded by tons of people that are holding him up on his pedestal and keeping him purty and helping him sell his millions of records and be the object of desire to countless teenage girls.  Well yes, the general thought of this really makes me sick so I'm going to TRY to listen to this record with no bias and give a general insight to what is going on with this kid.
Ok, well he sounds like a teenage girl on most of the songs, well that is cool I guess.  The production on the songs is obviously top of the line hip-hop.  It's pretty sounding.  Not much more I can really say.  What can you expect?  This is POP music.  Everything is streamlined, tuned to the perfect pitches and the music is quantized to a fucking point.
I feel kind of sick now, I'm trying really hard not to be a negative son of a bitch but damn, I'm just not sure about this.  Ok, well he has some abilities?  Umm...  He can sing alright I guess.
This is a terrible review.

My world?  s?  Justin is clearly delusional, but it's all ok.
Some of the songs make me think of the Pokemon first movie soundtrack.  YaY!

I give his latest release a 2.5/5
Now that seems fair?  Right?

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